The project is an action funded by the European Union and implemented in cooperation with UNICRI within the framework of the EU CBRN CoE Initiative. The project received a grant of amount 480,000 Euro.

Project activities are carried out by University of Rome “Tor Vergata” with FORMIT Foundation (Italy) and Military Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology (Poland). The project involves cooperation with institutional actors in Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon.

The project aims to strengthen the capacity of identification, management and mitigation of risks related to facilities that process biological agents through the development of policies, good practices transfer and the implementation of international standards.

In particular, the core aims of the project are:

To improve knowledge related to risk assessment in relation to deliberate use of biological hazardous material.
To establish, implement and maintain a bio-risk management system in accordance with the requirements of the Laboratory bio-risk management standards ISO 15190 and CWA 15793. The scope of this laboratory bio-risk management system is to set requirements necessary to control risks associated with the handling, storage and disposal of biological agents and toxins in laboratory facilities.
To support best practices sharing and transfer on biosafety/ bio-security management.
To develop a sustainable training system applicable to the involved Countries and their government structures.
To improve regional inter-agency cooperation and harmonisation with international biosafety/bio-security standards.
Main categories of professionals involved:

Laboratory staff
National Trainers
Public authorities
Main expected benefits:

1. Bio-safety, Bio-security and Bio-risk management guidance materials

2. Local experts team setup

3. In loco training sessions addressed to laboratory technicians and to national trainers

4. e-learning platform ready to use

For further information: CoE CBRN official projects database and FORMIT website.